The CampusStore was founded in summer 2007 through the initiative of students to give students, exchange students and alumni the possibility to underline their belonging to the university in a colorful, trendy or classy way.

We are more than just a group of people selling clothes. From the idea until the realization of a garment we function as a little enterprise.

Our goals are to create a sense of unity at the campus, the possibility to identify oneself with the university and enhance its level of awareness – locally and internationally.

Furthermore we want to guarantee fair prices under high quality standards and to ensure the continued existence of the CampusStore through the initiative of students. We are a student initiative that wishes to move something without a pursuit of profit.


The leadership manages meetings and ensures a smooth process in the CampusStore. Furthermore they are the contact persons for the university administration, external companies and cooperation partners. If there are any problems you can contact them and you will find a solution together.


The logistics team is responsible for incoming goods and quality control. Through an item number and the pricing of goods they are captured in our inventory. Furthermore they take stock regularly and transfer the result to the leadership.


The boys and girls in our marketing team coordinate all PR activities, perform market researches (surveys, early detection of trends, etc.), determination of the product portfolio and the planning of special events like our sales. Furthermore they manage our website and the facebook page.


The tasks of the finance team are the monitoring and the control of our financial situation, the creation of bills, the evaluation of sales lists and the cooperation with the students council. Further on the finance team creates sales statistics and evaluates them.


The design team creates all posters for our sales and is responsible for the CampusStore sign and the design of our website. In general every question concerning creativity can be answered by this team.


The HR team manages the staff of the CampusStore. They coordinate the members of each team. Furthermore they are responsible for recruiting new members, the employee purchasing and the reference letters.

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